Report Library

This report provides access to extracts submitted to a group of contractors on a particular project

This report provides a comparison between the value of contracts for contractors and the value of works performed on projects

This report provides an overview of the contractors work expenses analysis on all projects

A report with all contractors extracts, the report allows the user to know all the extracts executed by contractors

This report allows the user to know the volume of work performed by a contractor on several different projects

The contractor's work volume report for the projects, where it displays the extracts of the subcontractors on a specific project during a period and shows the extracts figures, value, date and discounts listed on the values of the extracts

The report presents a detailed movement of the work items carried out at the sub-cost centers

This report allows you to track the amount of work performed by contractors based on the abstracts uploaded to them

This report provides the possibility of comparing the works performed according to the abstracts submitted to the subcontractors with the contract agreed upon.

The report allows the user to know the dues of all contractors on the selected project

The report allows the user to know the detailed position of the contractor dues in terms of receivable and paid

The report allows the user to see the quantities executed for each contractor with their details in terms of item name, unit of measurement, price and business value.

The report allows the user to view the extracts executed for each contractor on the cost center at which the contractor works