Report Library

The report allows the user to know the rent installments required to be collected during a specified period

The report allows the user to know the installments collected during a specific period and shows the date of receipt of each customer's installment, the amount collected and the statement of the payment or installment and its number

The report allows the user to know the installments that exceeded the collection dates The report allows the installments that exceeded a specific day where it shows the name of the customer and the type and number of the installment and the collector and the remaining

The report allows the user to know the rent exceeded the period of collection where it determines the day or month and the names of customers and the date of rent and the amount due and collect and the rest

The report provides the user with a statement of rented units,Where the report shows the project and attached with data on rented units as well as the area and the value of rent and the name of rented units

Report of units sold, the report displays to the user a statement of the units contracted showing the name of the customer and the unit data and salesman

The report allows the user to know all the installments distributed among the units, according to the type of the monthly installment, with semi-annual and semiannual results, with the possibility of indicating the proceeds from them and the non-proceeds.

Report of unsold units Special report in turn Real estate investment to show the units available for marketing and sale The report presents detailed data for the unit

A report showing the total installments during the period showing the name of each client and the unit installments during the period obtained from them as well as the remaining installments

A report showing the names of all the units belonging to the tower or its projects as well as the detailed data of the unit of its area and the construction model and its detailed prices.

A report showing the sales of each marketer where it shows the names of customers with details of units and the date of contracts for each client

A report showing the sales of each project, the names of the unit owners, the contract number, the contract value and the marketing employee

A report indicating the name of each marketing officer with the names of his units, the number of each contract, the date of the contract and the unit model

Sales reconstruction table where the report shows the sales ages by type of monthly or installments or other at intervals of 30 and 30:60 and 60:90 ... etc. to determine the sales ages during the specified periods

Empty unit price report showing the name of empty units not sold, unit price per unit, total unit price as well as unit payment methods

Reports of incremental fines and delays, a report indicating the value of the premiums and fines imposed upon payment as well as cash discount

This report allows the follow-up of customers' installments and due dates, as well as accompanying the follow-up card complete customer data and unit data sold

Summary of rents due, shows the rents due within one month in the name of each customer, the due date, the amount due and whether it was collected or not.

Tower Owners Union position report shows the names of the Tower Owners Union clients with the numbers of units and payments due and required to be repaid as well as the relative importance of each unit

Unit profit margin report, a report showing the data of each unit and the sale price of the unit as well as the real cost of the unit and the difference between them represents the profit margin of units as a value and percentage