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?How to transfer a new financial year

1- Update the program with the latest version on the company's website

2- Copying the data in the path of the program in a file named Data

3 - Open the program and check the path to save the data from the company data screen Babel_Soft \ Data_Babel

4- Make sure the date of the financial period from the accounts definition screen is a fiscal year

5-Ensure that there are no unbalanced entries in the list of time reports in the second group

6- Open the general daily screen and check the date of the first record and the last record present during the financial period open the income statement

8 - Open the file list of a fiscal year and then a new fiscal year

9 - choose a character distinctive for the new year other than the letters of previous years

10 - Continue by clicking on the following until the completion of the migration process was successful

11 - Close the program and open the accessory file in the path of the program and make sure the names of branches or a column TypQ includes letters of financial years

12 - Open the New Year and press F12 and then F2

13- Open the opening restriction and choose the carry-over and press the amendment and save the amendment of the entry

14- Print the balance of the audit of the previous year and the balance of the audit of the current year to match the balance of the last period with the balance of the first period