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Transfer and open a new year

How to transfer the financial year 2017-2018


Through the article we will learn through 5 key steps on how to migrate from 2017 to 2018 step by step before you start the migration process make sure to update your version to version 17.17.75

Link to the update of Babel for contracting management software version 17.75

Transferring password              20182018

Note there are some screens have been added in the 2018 version such as the screen of tax administration - Legal Affairs - linking the fingerprint device to the program - creditors contracts such as advertising agencies - chat staff is at a cost will explain the video of the additions and their importance to customers and sent to customers on 10-10-2018

Transfer steps

step 1:- is to update version 17.75 through the link above please check the video first before updating

Step 2:- Make sure some options in 2017 are activated correctly before migration 1 - From the File menu choose the basic data of the company and define the data path on the network to save the database 2018 The path must be network path Share on the server in case of migration from a sub-machine as in the picture You can choose the path from the icon shown number 1 or write it directly with the note that the path ends with a "\" and begin with a sign "\\" in the case of work through a sub-device


File List - Company Profile - Account Identification Select stores and then select the first inventory account by double-clicking on the account number Select the first inventory account duration if not specified and specify the inventory policy followed by the company with the following note in case of continuous inventory will be carried over inventory control account For the following year, in the case of periodic inventory, the value of inventory approved in the income statement will be posted


The main and sub-audit scales and the income statement should be printed to match the balances carried forward between the 2017 and 2018 balances.  Note from the figure below that the balance contains a warehouse control account with a value of 227,993.94 This account must be identical to the total invoices of goods first period


The income statement for the period ended 2017 should be printed to identify the net profit carried forward for 2018 and to be confirmed during the transfer


Step 3:- Start the transfer process from the File menu Click on a fiscal year and select a new fiscal year. For previous years and branches for example B then press Next


Through the screen shows you the value of net profit and the value of inventory as it is in the income statement and shows below the amounts and the names of the accounts that will be carried by both the net profit and the goods of the first period and to select other accounts Double click on the amount will open the accounting guide you select the appropriate accounts


Click Start Transfer and wait for the message Migration completed successfully


Step 4: - After the completion of the migration, close the program and access to 2018 and then from the general accounts - Register an accounting process - an opening record and then select the type of transaction carried over balance and make a query to ensure the posting of the opening entry and print the balance of review and compare with the balance of 2018 before starting the work


Then from the store control, choose the invoice for the first period and make a query to ensure that the goods of the first period are posted as the quantity, price and value of each warehouse.


Step 5: - After the completion of the deportation and work in 2018 and there have been financial adjustments such as proof of a bank commission recorded in 2017 as a normal daily entry or settlement or bond of the documentary cycle and re-deportation from the file list will change the opening entry carried only the value of adjustments that occurred in 2017 However, there are conditions that must be followed first that the accounting manual has been posted you may not delete an account or add a new account as well as you can not add administrative work such as the creation of contracts for contractors or investment or the establishment of extracts all this is done in 2018 available to you in 2017 is only financial settlements

For customers to complete the work continuously works settlement restrictions on 31-12-2017 Closing expenses and revenues in the calculation of profit and loss Preferably close expenses Expense expenses

From the profit and loss account

                                           To calculate operating expenses - salaries - breaker

                                                              To calculate the operating expenses - maintenance - breaker

                                                                                                                             Revenues - Operations Revenues - Sanitation

                                                                                                                              To calculate profits and losses

Then enter the company data from the profile list - User Accounts Babylon and change the financial period from 1 - 1 - 2018 to 31-12 - 2018