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Transfer the program from one device to another

When transferring the program from one device to another device: -

We first wipe the program from the old machine through the work of uninstall the program from control panel - Programs and Features

Secondly, we make a softening of the program on the new machine

1. The install file in the program files is unzipped

2. Click on the icon that has been removed and the screen shows the softness and is pressed next

3. The screen shows the same screen again and enter the password is finished by 2018 and then next

4. The same screen appears again and is pressed next to be set-up

5. Then, we update the program through the update icon in the program files and be by taming the update shown through pictures

6. When you open the program a message appears to choose the type of device, whether it is a server or a sub - machine and after the selection we press next and write the name of the server

7. The file is then transferred to the access file in the program on the server on the sub and click right click on the icon of the program and choose open file location and transfer the file by

8. Click right click again on the program icon and choose properties

9. The program is running and a screen of activation is shown and click on to activate the version