Support Library

Salary entry is entered

Currencies are processed on the program as follows:

When the print icon does not appear in the report, the following is done

The header and footer are installed as follows:

Backup works like the following steps

When you receive this message must be sure to have a sum of the extract and enter the proportion or quantity of the extract

There should be no repetitive items within the extract

When the print icon does not appear in the report, the following is done

When this message appears, make sure that the accounts for the entry are selected from the list of the account

If an unbalanced message appears for the purchase invoice

Ensure that each customer is tied to his / her business guarantee account and not all clients are on the same business guarantee account from the customer card

If unbalanced daily entries appear, the unbalanced entries report opens

If an extract is deleted in an old year that has been transferred, it does not affect the extracts of the new year

The Excel Sheet is made according to the order of the Excel Sheet for the varieties as shown in the following figure

The insurance rate in the letter of guarantee should not be zero

If an account balance is posted on another account by mistake then the account must be modified in the year to which it was transferred

When the opening balance appears within unbalanced entries, the entry should be balanced by adjusting the entry

Fonts and numbers are changed from the File menu - Support - Re - format fonts

The custody does not appear on the employee's statement, in case the employee's custody account is not linked to the employee's account from the employee data screen

When salaries do not appear in the accounts, it should be ensured that the payment of salaries has been established