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Through the voucher of cheques ...

You can register the letter of guarantee according to the type of guarantee, whether (initial guarantee - final guarantee - guarantee advance payments)

You can properly prove the expenses related to the letter of guarantee and control your accounting guidance

The registration process is the current amount of items that have been executed

Accounting treatment to prove deductions

Accounting treatment of taxes in business abstracts

Accounting guidance shall be in proving the percentage of business insurance

Accounting guidance for reserved amounts

Accounting treatment of deducting social insurance from the extracts

You can record all deductions for the extract

The letter of guarantee is recorded according to the type of guarantee and the date of issue and expiry date is determined

In case of commissions

In case of renewing the letter of guarantee

Handling release guarantee

The value of the works is recognized in the extract and completion rates are set according to the inventory of quantities

Processing the receipt of materials from the client and prepare the extract of the entire materials and installation

In case of release of the letter of guarantee ...

Raw materials that are stored on site for use in construction

Letters of guarantee for tenders and auctions is the letter issued mostly for the benefit of ministries and government departments, institutions and companies to ensure their rights in contracts or supply

One of the most important ways to obtain work contracts for a contracting company is through general contracting, which is a contracting method between the owner and the main contractor so that