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?What is the item distortions in business extracts

Raw materials:- that are stored inside the site in preparation for use in construction works, some of which are very expensive such as reinforcing steel, power cables, etc. In addition, it is possible to have rough raw materials inside the site estimated to cost millions.
Therefore, the contractor often requests a payment from the landlord for the presence of these distributions on site until they are used. These distributions are included in the abstracts in the manner agreed upon in the contract.

• It is often the agreement between the owner and the contractor that the rate of disbursements in the extracts is calculated (75% of the price of the raw materials themselves).

• This is applied by inserting a box at the end of each abstract called the field Alchuenat, and applies to all the rules that were explained during the preparation of the extracts.

• A separate box is created for each line item.

• Only high cost cost distributions such as reinforcing steel and cables are counted.

• In the quantities box, the quantities of the distributions are placed in the same way (previous, current, and total). Whenever some of these distributions are used later and converted into works, the quantity used is placed with a negative sign in the current box

• In the category box, write the price of the raw material itself (the price of a ton of iron or cement or the price of meter cables etc.)

• In the disbursement percentage box, the agreed percentage is placed in the contract for disbursements (often 75%).