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Cash handling for traffic fines for a car

Cash for purchase of materials for work site Sand - Cement

Treatment of cash for the salaries of daily workers on the site

Accounting for cash disbursement is carried out against wages of production workers from public accounts

Cash handling Exchange Rewards for Active Workers

Treatment of cash for treatment of one worker

Cash shall be paid in exchange for payment of a cheque or a bill of money in the general accounts

There are a variety of exchange operations, including cash in the account of the company

Cash payment for electricity and telephone bill of the owner's home of the company

Treatment of money exchange for one of the sons ....

There are many aspects of cash exchange or checks available in day-to-day accounting

Dealing with a cheque for one employee

Dealing with the cheque salary of one employee

The withdrawing bank shall identify the cheque and the supplier to whom it is issued and record the statement

Through the disbursement of cheques ...

Cheque the rent of workers' housing

Dealing with a payment cheque donated to a charity

The withdrawing bank shall specify the check, the account to be disbursed and the registration of the statement

The check voucher is selected, the type of payment paper is chosen, and the statement is written

There are many aspects of disbursement through the system of public accounts where you can pay a check from the bank to finance the treasury of the company