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Through the bill of exchange ...

The invoice purchased is recorded either from a supplier or has been disbursed from the store and determines the destination

Accounting treatment to prove provision of materials to a sub-contractor

You can enter the goods first duration in detail and after several ways as you can import from Sheet Excel ...

You can record all information about your purchase invoice or import it, and you can control the invoice in the case of accounting guidance

You can buy directly to the site and control the accounting guidance to buy whether the purchase was made from his custody or fund

You can record the invoice on the contractor and control the accounting direction, whether store or project

You can control the accounting direction of the registered invoice, whether administrative or accounting on the selected accounts

Process the discount earned during the purchase

Create invoice and add tax rates, whether value added or tax deduction and addition

The bonus granted by the supplier is treated as quantities as stock in stock

You can control the purchase invoice, whether cash or time with the possibility of directive accounting in any case of them and determine the accounting direction ..

You can record a compound transaction by maturing and disbursing part of the amount at one time

You can import the original purchase invoice, then register an independent bill of return from the project to the supplier and control the accounting direction ...

Returns processing purchases from store to supplier

The sale of materials from several stores of the company is handled to customers, and in the sales invoice, there is an option for sale from several stores

The sale of the company's stores to a staff member is handled through the warehouse system

Sales are processed for gifts, samples and draws of the owner of the company

The allowable discount is recognized on the sales invoice

Payment processing during the sale