Questions & Answer

Proof of receipt of funds from customers to book a residential unit

Prove the value of selling a unit

Premium collection processing with early treatment bonus- Discount for early payment

Premium collection processing with delay handling fines

Proof of unit rent

The eligibility to collect the rent premium is proven on several steps.

You can process the payment of installments whether you receive an installment or part of another installment and are posted in the client's accounts as soon as you save the bond

You can record all receipts in terms of rentals, whether rent or provider for rent or insurance in detail

You can register the units available for sale in detail, whether financial or administrative and all the detailed data installment systems

Dividend distribution in both construction and real estate investment companies is very important

Registration of unit rent

Follow-up installments on several levels and at several intervals You can also control the views of the follow-up to these installments

You can register the contracts of the units in full details administrative and accounting as well as the systems of installments and payments for the unit

You can register your installment bonds in installments and identify the receivables