?How to register unit contracts

Register unit contracts

Registration of ownership contracts from the sales department is determined by the unit to be sold at the level of the region and the project and sub-level is depending on the roles,

for example:-Then register the stage (reservation _ contract _ completion) after the administrative data is completed on the client data screen

Another screen where some of the client's administrative data, card number and issuer share number are completed

Additions screen including any amendments or additions to the contract, for example the contract was to deliver the unit to the customer after the completion of the conch

  Assuming the client's request some finishes are recorded in the additions screen so that the sale price of the unit increases the value of the additions is agreed on the method of payment for the payment method, for example, this value is distributed

- Payments screen is recorded contract payments, for example in the case of additions to the unit - preferably recorded from the screen of payments to avoid a problem in the distribution of premiums

- Payments can also be made in a previous financial period to be proven on the unit without establishing an accounting process

- Through IF11- IF12 the payment collection is recorded by Babel user to give the collected spot Yes and uncollected No

- In case of recording patches and not appearing in the payments report, the outcome is updated to appear in the report

- Premiums screen through which the distribution of premiums whether the system is fixed or variable in installments you can distribute more than a premium system (monthly _ and quarterly _ annual text) both in the same contract

- In case of unequal distribution, this is done through advanced distribution

- For the collection of a premium is made by the receipt of the receipt of the program allows the collection of a premium or a set of premiums and this method has been explained in a question related to the collection of premiums

- As for the collection of installments in a previous financial period by IF11- IF12 is the collection of payments is recorded by the user Babel to give the premium collected Yes and uncollected No

Accounting screen through which the accounting entry is created

Through this screen can be distributed premiums to shareholders in the project if there is more than one shareholder also there is a discount cell that

 if there is a discount provided to the client on the unit, which reduces the sale price of the unit

Accounting entry to sell the unitContract printing shows us the data entered into the contract from customer data to payments and installments