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Risk management process

Expense is recognized immediately in the income statement when the expense does not result in any future economic benefits or when future economic benefits are no longer eligible or are no longer eligible to be recognized as an asset in the balance sheet

- The difference is content. The tax invoice must include specific data, but not necessarily on the regular invoice

The most important accounting terms

The tax is one of the main state revenues that help it to provide services to citizens and individuals residing in the state, and the state collects this tax directly or indirectly.

A question from an accountant in Saudi Arabia: What if I did not receive value-added tax on sales, what would the accounting treatment be?

You, as a company, sell a commodity or provide a service that is necessary, and your company is registered with the tax center for major funders (as a first stage), meaning they will start with major funders and then the lower levels.
In Arabic, this means that all companies operating in the Egyptian market must have an ERP system

The difference between accounting depreciation and tax depreciation

Items to be followed when reviewing the general and administrative expenses item:
* Preparing analytical data for general and administrative expenses for the current and comparative period

How to calculate zakat in Saudi Arabia

The answer is from the Egyptian Standard for Fixed Assets No. 10, sixth paragraph, depreciation, item No. 13, which states the following

Many people hear about financial policies and financial regulation and are fascinated by the terms

Steps to establish a contracting company and register in the Contractors Union in detail

A pledge issued by the ac-creditor (the bank) to the beneficiary of the credit

I mean, what is the division of work and accounting allocation in the same accounting team, meaning more?
I mean, any customer accountant, sales accountant, purchase accountant, bank accountant, payroll accountant, etc
And if I get a job as a purchasing accountant or a supplier accountant, what will my duties be?

Exempted cases
Natural materials, including mine and quarry products in their natural state (item 20 of the exemptions table)
Supply of sand and dust

The capital contributed by the project owner represents the main source on which the project depends to start its business, if the main purpose of the capital is to enable the project to start its commercial activity.

It is a discount granted by the seller to the buyer to encourage early payment when the buyer pays the value of his deferred purchases during the period specified by the seller.

According to the income tax system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there are 3 types of income taxes, namely

There are many questions about the importance of accounting software for companies and its importance for accountants as well
In this series of articles, we will explain the importance of "accounting software" for both companies and accountants