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?How to take a backup copy of the database of Babel

There is a back-up program that comes with Babylon to back-up the database regularly and the advantages of the program will be explained:

1 - There is a timer to be fixed so as to take the time to back up the database, for example at 8 o'clock daily

2- The number of days in which the copying process will be determined is 30 days.

3 - Data is copied to the back-up file in the file d on a daily basis and there are other options such as the possibility of the program work back-up on an external flash or external hard,

Or send to the official tendency of the company on a daily basis as shown by the figure

When the work of the backup appears a message indicating that the work of the backup has been successful and is also clarified the timing of the last back-up and the next back-up

Also the screen showing information about the back-up that was done