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Dealing with employee salaries cheque

Stays and visas issued to employees of companies are issued and their cost is distributed at the end of the year in proportion to the company's projects

Accounting treatment of the employment load on the account of a subcontractor

Prove the monthly attendance of each employee and related deductions as well as bonuses and allowances

The cost of stays and visas issued to each employee is then distributed to the projects

Charging the employee with the value of residence and deducting from his monthly salaries as a premium

Visa fees and residence renewal fees are recognized through general accounts

Overtime hours are recorded in attendance and leave based on the list

In case of penalties or deductions, they shall be calculated and a detailed maturity will be issued

Handling advances deduct from salaries

Insurance and taxation shall be calculated in the percentages of the Insurance and Taxation Law on Employees.

You can pay part of the salary or pay bonuses separately from the screen of the salary

You can pay the salaries in a simple and simple and you can control the accounting direction of the bodies of exchange

Pay salaries from the custody of an employee

There is a screen to pay salaries you can spend for all or for the department or for a person only

For annual employee benefits such as end-of-service benefits and vacations, a provision is made for them annually

Prepare an employee's clearance and prove the value of the clearance

The employee will be released at the end of service and any additions, incentives or wages will be processed as well as any deductions such as advances or covenant.

Dealing with the employee's entitlement to the Covenant during the clearance (end of service or resignation) Human resource

Part of the Saudi labor law