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You can register the contracts of the units in full details administrative and accounting as well as the systems of installments and payments for the unit

You can register your installment bonds in installments and identify the receivables

Construction projects are submitted in tenders after the projects are awarded to the general contractor. Roles begin to be distributed to the parties within the contracting company

Income generated by an enterprise from its business activity. Revenue usually results from the sale of goods or services to buyers

These are long-term projects that have not been completed during the financial period

Purchases are inherently indebted, but there are cases where purchases come credits, such as withdrawals ...

Provision: is a burden on the revenue to face a certain financial loss limit .........

The period used for the purpose of preparing the financial statements

Cash flows from operating, financing and investment activities are shown

Defining the duel principle in accounting is to record all revenues and expenses related to the financial year regardless of revenue collection or payment of expenses.