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A question from a follower: A hard disk has been added to the factory laptop. What is the accounting treatment for this case?

One of the most important ways to obtain work contracts for a contracting company is through general contracting, which is a contracting method between the owner and the main contractor so that

The issue of matching between accounts, such as matching the balances of customers and suppliers, is one of the important issues in the professional life of the accountant, and the issue of matching is one of the most important work of the accountant

periodic financial statements
Objective of the standard
This standard aims to describe the minimum contents of the periodic financial statements, as well as the description of the basis for recognition and accounting measurement in the complete or condensed periodic financial statements. Reliable financial statements that are issued at appropriate times improve the ability of investors, creditors and others to understand the firm's ability to achieve profits and cash flows, as well as its financial position and liquidity.

Many people think that the interest in accounting standards, whether international or American, is only concerned with accountants and auditors, but I see that this interest is attached to a wide sector of investors and executives because of the great importance of accounting for financial markets and the consequent great importance of reporting standards

What is the best way to share ideas? While there are ground rules that make the process purposeful and efficient, there are dozens of ways to inspire creative ideas. Many facilitators use more than one technique in a single brainstorming session to keep creative ideas flowing while supporting different styles of thinking and expression.

Brainstorming is a technique used by design teams to generate ideas to solve clearly defined design problems

The best way to get the creative juices flowing isn't by sitting your team around a conference table and asking them to shout out ideas as they come to them. It's by creating an atmosphere that breaks people out of their traditional mindset.

1- This standard provides for an explanation of the accounting treatment of inventory. Determining the amount of cost that is recognized as an asset and carried over from one period to another until the corresponding revenue is achieved is the main issue in the accounting treatment of inventory. This standard provides practical guidance for determining the cost and the consequent recognition of it as an expense, including any reduction in value to reach the net realizable value. It also provides guidance on costing methods that are used to charge costs to inventory

This standard specifies the financial reports that an entity prepares when it performs a business combination. It specifically specifies the need to account for all collection operations by applying the purchase method, and then the acquiring entity recognizes the acquiring entity’s assets, liabilities and identifiable contingent liabilities at fair values at the date of acquisition, and it also recognizes goodwill, which is subsequently tested for impairment in value rather than depreciation.

It is a standard issued by the International Accounting Standards Board on insurance contracts. The standard was introduced to allow insurance companies to comply with the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards in order to make limited improvements to the prevailing accounting practice and to understand the salient aspects that are associated with insurance accounting.

IFRS 5 deals with non-current assets held for sale and discontinued operations.
This standard aims at preparing financial reports, determining the accounting for assets held for sale, and presenting and disclosing discontinued operations.

Corporate restructuring operations aim to make the necessary correction to the technical, economic and financial structures of the facility in a way that enables it to remain in competition, and even to continue successfully and achieve an appropriate return.
Usually, corporate management uses the term “corporate restructuring” to describe the process of operational and/or financial reorganization, with the aim of meeting its debts, increasing its profits and achieving effective results that enable it to overcome financial difficulties.

In general, this view (the price is expensive) is limited to a narrow-minded dimension in relation to the experience of a person who keeps pace with daily developments in the local and international market.

...You can review the reasons on which the closing of the period depends. Are you sure of all the treatments entered during the period and are you sure of the existence of their supporting documents?

In the beginning, it is necessary to define the employee’s job tasks and know the limits of his powers and specialization. The first thing that meets you in your job is the job description.

Processing the purchase invoice, adding transportation services, and entitlement (invoice and transportation) to more than one supplier
The movement has become essential in the field of contracting and supplies, especially due to the remoteness of the sites for modern projects and the import of materials from abroad

Fixing a fixed exchange policy for the contractor on an item and reducing and raising the item from the total outlet according to the tax and deductions on the net outlet
This happens in the items of supplies such as the supply of iron or concrete, and the price of the item in the contract is subtracted and elevated to add an amount to the contractor or reduce it to deduct an amount from the amount fixed in the contract

Due to the assignment of direct and indirect works to subcontractors and the continuous changes in the external market, the price of the item in the contractor’s extract is constantly changed. Hence, dealing with the change in the price of the item in the financial extract of the contractors without affecting what was previously disbursed from the previous extracts