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Uncertain liabilities, circumstances, or events that may lead to potential losses

What is the accounting treatment when the company operates a savings certificate in a bank in the amount of EGP 200,000 at an annual return rate of 12.5%? And where do they appear in the closing lists?
What is the accounting treatment for the monthly return?

Accounting Standards
This accounting term refers to the model or pattern that is considered as a standard against which things are measured, and it can also be defined as the methods and foundations that are adopted as a framework for the accounting work.

Researchers in this field suggest the causes of disorientation to three main factors
-The University
-Labor market
-The accountant himself

How to apply the 7% of the expenses supported by documents?

Inventory of fixed assets is done by physical presence with printing of the assets account and knowing where they are located and the schedule and additions made during the period and exclusions

Ensure that the data is entered at least twice, and triple-check the records.
Use the paper recording to compare with the computer recording.
Reviewing International Accounting Standards (IAS) to ensure the correctness of operations.
Consult with the experts in the department in a way that does not conflict with the confidentiality of some data.
Refer to the department head or direct manager in case of doubt, even by 1%.
Repeat the process with the help of a colleague or assistant in the event of doubts that do not conflict with the confidentiality of some data.
Create backups periodically if the accounting program does not provide this feature, and ensure that this feature works if it is available within the program design.

As a result of the large size of the units and the multiplicity of their operations, the external auditor was unable to audit
Accordingly, the full audit process was transformed into a test audit.
As a result, the auditor cannot be held responsible for not detecting fraud and embezzlement in a well-planned manner, provided that he has taken care in his work and followed the normal auditor’s conduct in terms of not failing to examine the internal systems of control, determining the amount of necessary tests, and implementing the process The audit itself.

There is no point in increasing your revenue and implementing excellent sales strategies if you do not have a cost-reduction strategy within your company. In times of economic crisis, there is a greater need for ways to reduce corporate costs, which may not work as they are not always effective measures.

Perpetual real: It is what belongs to the statement of financial position of assets, property rights and obligations
The fictitious and the temporary personality: it is what belongs to the income statement in terms of expenses and revenues
Personality: is what belongs to people, customers and suppliers

Deferred sale operations result in the existence of a balance for the debtors’ account in the books of the establishment, and usually accountants at the end of the financial period check the balances of the debtors’ accounts to ensure the extent of their collection.
As a result of examining the debtors’ balances, the facility identifies good debts, which are debts that are guaranteed to be collected, and which are related to clients. The facility’s records show that they are regular in paying their debts on their due dates. The facility also identifies bad debts, which are those debts that have no hope of collection due to the customer’s bankruptcy or otherwise. one of the reasons.
In addition, the examination may show that there is a part of the debt that may or may not occur, and these debts are known as doubtful debts, as they are debts that are likely to be collected, and in application of the policy of caution and caution, a provision must be made for doubtful debts.

The process of preparing the final accounts and financial statements, after explaining the details of the operations, aims to indicate and determine the financial position of the project, which is known by accounting as the net asset value. Before preparing the final accounts, the facility usually performs many accounting procedures at the end of the financial period in order to identify the correct values ​​of the company’s assets, liabilities, expenses and revenues, and also to reach the real result of the company, whether it is profit or loss, and this is what is known as the company’s inventory adjustments. Once the inventory adjustments are completed and the final accounts are prepared, the facility closes its accounts to prepare them for the new accounting period.

The storages are in the contracting companies, and they are represented in the raw materials used in the works, such as iron and cement. In fact, they represent a stock that is withdrawn from the implementation of the project. Therefore, it is monitored.

Due to the large size and number of equipment and fixed assets, companies find it difficult to know the actual revenue for each equipment separately. The Babel system provides an integrated work cycle to monitor equipment rental

To accurately assess the performance and profitability of each project in the facility, this requires determining the project’s wage cost, because the value of wages and salaries is of importance to other items of other costs, and therefore the program carries each project with its own cost.

Definition of financial analysis
It is a process aimed at evaluating methods of investing and investing money in companies, and studying the efficiency and profits resulting from their operations, and depends on the use of a range of means, such as the analysis of financial ratios; In order to realize the opportunities and problems of investment,
[1] Financial analysis is defined as a study of the financial information of a particular facility or project; In order to understand cash flows, profits, and expenses.
[2] Another definition of financial analysis is the evaluation of projects and businesses associated with finance; In order to determine the nature of its performance and suitability, financial analysis is often used to study the financial condition of the facility, in terms of being stable and profitable; in order to justify their cash investments.

The personal interview is what separates you from your dream job, and on it your acceptance of the job or not, is formed, so every job applicant must search well for the most important and most common questions that are asked to him.
And accountants in particular, there are many questions specific to their field that are focused on in the accounting interview, and in this article we have collected the most important and most common questions for them, and we will present the answer to them.

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