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You can control and split property rights accounts in a simple way, allowing you to easily extract information and set up a special account to finance

You can record all financial movements of shareholders and investors in a correct accounting way

Cash Receipt Processing Cash withdrawal with cashier fund

Accounting treatment of cash catch to settle the advance

The process is recorded through cash capture and fixed asset account selection

From the recording of cash receipt and the choice of bank loans within long-term liabilities and the selection of a sub-account on behalf of the lender

You can settle the employees' time and deal with them in an easy and simple way as you can register the raw materials in warehouses and settle them in the covenant

Settlement of the cost of operations for several projects

The employee shall be determined by the custodian and whether his custody will permit the dismissal of these.

Proof of payment of custody of an employee of .......

Through the bill of exchange ...

Handling of cash adjust versus a cash deposit in the Company's account - in cash to the Fund

Settlement for expenses of on-site equipment

Processing is treatment versus the settlement of a rented driver's salary from a company

Handling petty cash adjust versus payment of a payment notes

Due treatment of the monthly salary of the company

Treatment of bank interest

The maturity of the Social Insurance Authority is included in the Company's general expenses

The rental of the company is handled by way of general expenses

For end of service benefits and vacations, an allowance is made annually