Administrative Works System

Contracting companies accounting and management program

What is the importance of the electronic archiving?

The electronic archiving became one of the important techniques and contracting companies or who works in it should know how to use it and the importance of it to find the information easily and fast.

What are the used tools in the administrative works?

The administrative works system aim to provide group of administrative tools to the system which have effective role in completing your company works.

  1.  Sending messages to the program.
  2.  Managing incoming and outgoing letters of the company.
  3. The electronic archiving.
  4. Phone guide.
  5. Online translation.
  6.  Reports designer

What are the solutions provided in the administrative works?

1- Providing communication system with clients, employees of the company through SMS.

2- Managing messages so as to send general messages or warning messages to employees or clients or other party.

3- Managing incoming and outgoing so as to archive all incoming and outgoing letters either for the company or to a project.

4- The feature of reports designer can amend any report in the program and re-translate it to the required language.

5- Providing feature of sending any report inside the system by email or fax to any third party.

6- Providing the feature of comprehensive search so as to search for any registered information in the system.

7- Providing group of static reports that provide important information to the company management.

8- Providing backup system to the database and sending it to the company email in a daily selected time.

9- Providing phone guide through which you can register all data and phone numbers that you deal with and search through the electronic archiving.

10- Providing complete electronic archiving and search through it , providing synonymous dictionary of program with various languages of Arabic – English – Turkish – French.

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