Fixed assets, equipment and transports management

Contracting Companies Accounting And Management Program

Do you have history record for each asset in your company?

The objective is to provide history record to the asset which contains the entire data of the asset and place of work, its responsible and the date of its expiry and extracts of equipment operating.

Fixed assets management

What is the fixed assets work cycle?

1. Enter fixed assets data and follow its damage.

2. Monitor equipment as expenses and revenues.

3. Monitor transports management

What does Babel Program provide to Fixed Assets Management ?

1- Monitor asset of purchasing, selling and discarding operations and asset movement among projects.

2- Monitor assets with partial nature as wood, equipment and tools.

3- Treating capital expenses and reevaluating the asset with new damage rates.

4- Following the fixed assets in the company and realizing the place of each asset and its documentary value.

5- Providing history record of the asset since its buying of expenses and work days in each site.

6- Following date of expiry of equipment license or date of check and insurance.

7- Recognizing custody when liquidating an employee account in the company.

8- Calculating damage and loading it on projects according to work days of each project.

9- Confirm damage rate for each asset or related group.

10- Enter capital expenses under damage rates for the expenses of asset.

11- Ability to discard or selling the asset and closing the accumulative damage of the asset.

12- Ability to reevaluate the asset with new usage rate.

13- The accounting treatment of purchasing, sale and discarding process

Is purchasing new equipment or renting it is better to your company?

1.Providing the necessary information to asset you to take the decision of retain the equipment or selling it.

2.Recognizing the profit of the equipment and treating the distribution of its profit among partners according to capital in case of partnership.

3.Monitoring expenses and extracts of operating equipment of the company or others.

4.Recognizing profit and loss of each equipment and the cost of the alternative opportunity of the equipment.

What are the presented solutions to transports management in your company?

  1. Monitoring materials transport from company stores or from external supplier to others or to the projects of the company.
  2.  Monitoring drivers commissions and link it with monthly salaries.
  3. Monitoring revenue of each equipment and the profit of the company out of each external transporter (The freight)

Ten accounting cases may face you with fixed assets