Asset movements among work sites

Babel Fixed assets management software

Movement of the asset among projects is confirmed so as to control each equipment and the responsible for it, also registering days of work for each equipment in each site so we can distribute the asset or the equipment dwindling cost upon projects according to work hours in each site and this is the nearest way to distribute dwindling cots among sites.

Asset movements among work sites

حركة تنقل الاصل بين مواقع العمل

Areport showing the number of working days of the equipment in the projects

تقرير يوضح عدد ايام عمل المعدات فى المشاريع

Through the above-mentioned report we reach avery important result

Dwindling cost of the equipment was divided into direct cost and was loaded upon the project according to work hours of the equipment in the site and indirect cost was loaded upon the general management with the value of the not working hours in which the equipment did not work, and it is considered in Babel that it is a fair way in distributing the equipment dwindling.