Building contracting management and supervision system

Contracting companies accounting and management program

What meant by construction and building contracting?

Executing a project according to agreed specifications and drawings between the contractor and the owner according to agreement contract between the two parties as called contracting contract, the owner pays agreed amounts to the contractor for the project delivery according to the agreed shape

What are types of building contracting contracts?

1. Work contracts of materials, the contractor bear materials of cement, iron ….. etc

2. Work contracts without materials as carpentry contracts – blacksmiths 

3. Work contracts of key delivery, include all stages of works as Feasibility survey – design – contracting – execution – delivery.

4. Supervision and following Works contracts either delivery with key – supervision per work.

What is better supervision system or following system?

1- Token amount contract, the owner does not bear any financial increment in the project.

2- Contract per rate, the contractor may bear increment in expenses so as to increase his percentage.

3- Percentage contract of the cost, in condition that the contractor bears percentage of the extra cost then the targeted.

Classification of business items in building contracting

1- Normal works

2- Sanitation works

3- Electric works

4- Other works as AC

Normal works are divided into:

1. Construction works – digging – filling up – concrete.

2. Finishing works reaches to 70% of total of cost.

What are finishing types according to place of work?

  1. Special finishing of floors as ceramic – marble.
  2. Finishing of ceiling as paints – plaster
  3. Finishing of walls

What are finishing execution elements?

  1.  Materials
  2.  Labor
  3.  Equipment

What is labor productivity?

  1.  Covering works 37 M2
  2. Covering worker + 2 assistant + 3 normal worker = 37 M2

What is the impact of technological development on the finishes?

  1. Covering works
  2. Covering worker + 2 assistant + 2 normal worker + mechanic = 90 M2
  3. Marble works of floors 27 M2
  4. 2 workers + 3 normal worker = 27 M2
  5. High quality depends upon trained workers.

What is the objective of building contracting system?

The system aims to follow the competent parties and persons of works of key delivery and maintenance works.

What are the solutions provided by Babel ?

1- Providing quotations with the agreed terms and methods of payment.

2- Prepare contracts with clients according to presented quotations and contract conditions.

3- Prepare executed works invoice for each period to demand payments.

4- Solutions to treat supervision, following, and accounting treatment system.

5- Solutions to finishing works with increasing execution rates.

6- Solutions to deal with clients with materials or without materials and when to demand payment from the client.

7- Providing salaries distribution according to work days and skill.

8- Solutions to basic worker worked for a period with production group and vice versa.

9- Solutions to treat advances presented to production workers and how to deduct from dues.

10- Solutions to recognize supervision clients position of costs.

11- Solutions for production labor of recording contracts with process and prepare extract of production.

12- Solutions of following and supervision system against percentage of costs and position of supervision clients from costs.

13- Solutions to manage production labor that work per meter or piece.

14- Solutions to prepare extracts of executed and issue their salaries according to working days and skills.

15- Solutions to prepare works invoice of the executed every period to demand payments.