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Is responsible for registration in financial records, General journal, Ledger and assistant ledger, Closing the financial periods, Monitoring the cash transactions, prepare monthly, Quarter and annual financial reports and Monitoring the whole system

In 10 steps, learn about Babel General Accounting Program

How to monitor Employees custody of exchange and settlement ?

Contracting companies deal with outdoor work sites and petty cash is paid to the responsible for the site so as to be settled periodically and there are some irregularities of balance accrue – delay of settlement – spending in unauthorized issues – complements to some persons ,                                                               How can you control all of these irregularities 

1. Babel System Provides group of reports to monitor custody of employees of exchange and settlement.

2. Does Company policy allow the fiduciary to spend on specified accounts or projects?

3. The following report shows the answer to many questions.

From the figure, we notice that custody was paid to another employee and payment was paid to a supplier and to other projects.

Settlement analysis of Hassan Fathy custody

Suppose you want to know more details from the employee who was paid the custody and name of the supplier and details of the spent expenses on the other projects

Settlement analysis of Hassan Fathy custody

From the above figure, we notice that expenses are contractors' works – concrete works – reinforcing bars – building materials – various expenses.

Suppose you need to know the quantities went to the project of reinforcing bars, building materials, price, quantity and value.

Review Stores Monitoring and Management system

If you want to know how was Eng. Hassan Custody financed, the below report explains how the employee custody was financed.

Analysis report of hassan fathy custody finance

We notice, finance was done through the cash 7,000, Ahli commercial bank 7,500, and Saudi American 25,000 during the specified period.

If I asked you a question, if you can monitor the allowed credit limit.

1. You will notice from the previous report that total paid custody ENG Hassan 39,500  

2. Amount of 17,037 was settled, the rest with Hassan is 22,464.

3. In the employee custody card, you recorded in Eng Hassan data that Credit limit is 50,000

4. Babel does not allow exchanging custody whether in cash or check which may make ENG Hassan balance exceed the credit limit.   

5. The limit to be paid to Eng. Hassan is 27,537 Max.

Do employees custody cause disturbance for you?

What is the documentary cycle provided by Babel?

Document is the beginning of Accounts work, it is used to create JV and then to register in records, The document must be audited and checked accurately as the following operations depend upon. it, also the general shape of the document is one of factors that affect others impressions about your company and it is the link between your company and the other parties, so we should pay attention on the documentary cycle of shape and content.

What are the solutions provided by the system?

1. Babel provides documentary cycle of Opening JV – Cash payment – Collecting checks – Cash exchange –custody settlement – general settlement – General Voucher – financial notes.

2. It provides independent serial for each type of bonds and serial of JV in all the system.

3. It provides control on preparing and creating the accounting direction for any operation in the system and print and imports it.

What are the steps of the internal audit of the bond?

1. Confirm the logo of the issuing party of the bond.

2. Confirm the validity of the responsible signature.

3. Confirm the accuracy of the amount and tallying it up.

4. Confirm the content of the bond with the activity of the issuing party.

Learn about the cash exchange cycle

برنامج الحسابات العامة

Cash exchange cycle begins from exchange order from the request party, then the certifying responsible,then the cashier to pay then accounting then internal auditing then achieve.The required signatures on the bond, recipient, accountant, and the authorized. Bond attachments are exchange order + cash bond from the receiving party + copy of the recipient ID.

Cash exchange bond

Solutions Provided by Cash exchange screen

1. Import approved cash exchange order from the responsible party.

2. Cash payment to subcontractor or supplier or petty cash or employee loan.

3. Cash payment to direct expense and customize the amount to main or sub cost center.

4. Validity to the user to exchange specified cash amount according to the pre-specified powers.

5. Analytic report to cash movements of cash exchange and payment to the cashier to review his accounts at the end of each day.

6. The ability to achieve any attachment especially cash exchange bond.

7. The ability to distribute the special expenses of selected project on items of project works through

 Double Click.

The general view to cash exchange bond


How to manage and achieve your company documents ?  

What is the difference between the financial and commercial notes and checks and draft?

1. The financial notes are shares and stocks and bond voucher, while commercial notes are collecting and payment notes.

2. Cheque is a developed form of the draft, it is similar to it regarding number of its persons and the ability to endorsement but it is different from it as it could not collected except from a bank, so credit ability of cheque is more than draft.

Does the system have tools to monitor issued and coming cheques?

Dealing with commercial notes in contracting and Real Estate investment companies has various forms including purchasing asset, paying for asset value in the form of due checks or sale unit through due collecting cheques

Not following the commercial notes wastes investment chances from the company and ignoring installments for a period costs the company much money, so it is necessary to have tools to monitor the commercial notes.

Investment client receivable notes monitoring

From the above figure, we notice the following:

1. The value of the due collecting checks was classified as checks of the company – depositing in the bank wallet – the legal affairs.

2. Analyzing the value of the commercial notes to either collected – refused- undue.

3. The ability to print details of check No, amount, due date and name of the client

What is the company loss if we supposed that client delay of payment rate is 2% because of not following?The cost of the alternative chance if we supposed that the uncollected amount was deposited in the bank for 3 months with a profit of 12% that will cost the company a loss of 22,984 because of not putting monitoring policy of the commercial notes.

Is there any united accounts guide for contracting companies?

The accounts guide in contracting companies is only a link between the financial system guide and cost accounting system.

1. The financial accounting guide is registering the total and sub accounts names which included in the income list and financial position list.

2. The financial accounting guide includes 5 total accounts, assets, deductions, property rights, expenses and revenues.

3. Costs accounting guide is a cost centers guide and costs elements guide.

4. Cost centers elements are the company projects and sections as the general administration – 

equipment dept. – production dept. – Sanitation Project.

5. Costs elements guide is classifying the company expenses as administrative and general expenses – operation expenses – equipment expenses.

It is natural that each company has its special nature in defining the accounts,

names may differ from a company to another, there is who create detailed account for each asset or LG and some classify them to groups as cars – tools and equipment .. etc or primary LG – Final LG.

The accounting Guide

1. The system provides the continuous update of the accounts guide due to various client activity of Babel Company.

2. The system provides several levels to the accounts guide that enables you to print any level of the guide.

3. The system provides flexibility of adding, amending, deletion and adding other levels with full powers

How to prepare accounting guide for contracting company.

What are the solutions that Babel System provides with the Statement of accounts?

1. Print detailed statement of account as operation expenses account – salaries item – inhabitant building project – the first floor.

2. Print main statement of account, for example you want to print statement of account of cash in banks generally not in specified bank.

3. Print statement of account of cost center account that means all the operations done in the cost center.

4. Print statement of account of the profits and loss of expenses and revenues cost center only.

5. Print statement of account with another currency rather than the main currency.

6. Print statement of account of previous years in case of working separately.

7. Sending approvals of statement of account to other parties.

8. Statement of account provides monitoring role.

9. Showing the company header and footer on the statement of account.

10. Showing the related accounts balances in the account.

Eng. Hassan Fathy Custody statement of account

Eng. Hassan Fathy Custody statement of account

From the above figure we notice when printing statement of account of employees custody, the loans balance is shown and salaries and due wages balance for the same account.

What are the types of Account balance provided by the system?

1. Babel System provides 6 types of account balances so as to use all features of the account balance:

2. General account balance.

3. Sub account balance for any account of the general accounts.

4. Balances for the company or the region.

5. Close the period or freezing it from addition, amending or deletion We provide

General Account Balance

General Account Balance

A sub-audit balance of staff advances

Does Babel System provide final accounts and to which level?

1. The system provides cash flow list directly or indirectly.

2. The system provides income list and the financial position to the company – region – project

3. The System provides the final accounts for periods – quarter – semiannual – annual – open period Etc...,

4. The System provides technique to evaluate the stock by sale or purchase price or manual evaluation

Income list

Statement of Cash Flows

Does the system provide group of auditing tools and internal revising?

The system provides group of monitoring reports, including

1. Comparing the actual and estimated costs and the difference.

2. Comparing the actual and standard quantities.

3. Revising the accounting operations and closing it.

4. Distributing installments and following it up.

5. Monitoring partners accounts.

6. Closing the current expenses of in progress projects.

7. The system provides monitoring screen to follow your company performance.

Monitor the performance of the company

Monitoring the performance of the company - Analysis of expenses

Monitoring the performance of the company - Analysis of expenses

Does the system provide a tool to distribute expenses upon projects work?

The system provides a screen to distribute expenses during recording JV or cash exchange or any screen of the documentary cycle to distribute expenses upon work items so as to find profit or loss of each item of the project

Profit and loss of business items

Does Babel provide Tools to monitor the company profits or loss?

Through profit and loss reports provided by the system, you can monitor the company profits or loss then detailed profits or loss of each project and profits or loss of work items inside the project

Projects profits and loss

Does the system provide group of special reports of financial management?

Babel provides group of important reports to the financial management as,Ledger

  1. General Journal
  2. Expenses and revenues analysis upon projects and months.
  3. Due payment or collection checks.
  4. How custody was exchanged -  financed
  5. Projects profits and loss
  6. The financial position of open and closed projects
  7. Profits and loss of work items.
  8. Partners profits and loss.

American General Journal

Ledger Journal

General accounts reports library