Internal monitoring

Does the accounting directory have a supervisory role in contracting companies?

For example

 the fixed assets were recorded as a main account and the car registration was a sub-account of the fixed assets. The value of the cars was recorded in the opening balance with a total number of 230,680 pounds. This figure corresponds to the fixed assets Details from more than one angle You can print the details of the cars by the number of cars, The historical cost of cars is identical to the number of accounts.

Another example

we have in the expenses of contractor's amount of 34,560 pounds. You can, through the subcontractor system, print a report of the contractors' extracts according to the company as a whole or according to a project indicating the value of the business or business guaranty. And must be identical to the number of contractors work in the accounts and the same logic with guarantees ... etc.

Monitor the performance of the company