Cost centers guide

One of the most important topics of the contracting companies How to prepare the cost centers guide. The preparation of the cost centers directory depends on several factors that must be taken in consideration when dividing the directory; availability of information for example the project of building a residential building, you can divide the cost centers such as

  1.  AL Rehab 
  2.  Villa 501.

You can divide the same project as follows 

  1. Villa number # 500 Nargiss 
  2.  then open the first round - second floor 
  3. then open the level of the first floor ordinary works - concrete works - finishing works 
  4. then opening a level of finishes to the work of conch - paint works - ceramic works

Assuming that 5 tons of cement were purchased for the site, do you know through the documents that sent from the site whether the cement has been spent on the finishes item or the conch or ceramic, if this information is not clear to you, then the second division won't help you and is not appropriate. 

Assuming that the policy of the company is to assign the finishing works and conch to the subcontractors, the second division exaggerated and inappropriate.

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