The system provides several ways to print the statement of account, you can print a detailed account for example statement for operations expenses-salary band- the draft residential building-the first floor. And you can print a major account for example you want to print the account of cash in banks in general and not specific bank and you can print account statement for the cost center of all the operations on the cost center and there is a profit and loss account statement of all the expenses and revenues of the cost center

Problems solved by the account statement

Assuming that the operating expenses of the equipment have been allocated to prove any expenditure on the management of the equipment. By mistake, the operating expenses of equipment were recorded on the residential building project or vice versa. Recording of operating expenses on equipment management. How to get to this part there is a statement called a main statement with a cost center showing all expenses the operations are uploaded to a specific cost center - the supplier is handled from outside the country and deals in a different currency. We want to send a statement of account in the basic currency, which is the dollar since he does not know the local currency and the numbers. Local currency conversion program to the dollar according to the recorded conversion rate

Account Statement Validations

The system provides the sending or printing of the authentication form with the balance of the account of the client, supplier or contractor. It can be printed by email and you can print a set of ratification or statements of account within a period

The statement of account role in the control

Assuming that there is a client of the company wishes to conclude that it has no obligations to the company and printed the client's account statement we found the balance zero, the right of the client to take a deduction according to the statement of account, but we provide advantage in this matter when printing a statement of account for any account of the system show below the statement of account associated assets In this case, the balance of the customer's arrest papers - the balance of the business guaranty- the balance of overpriced amounts and thus the statement of familiar accounts with all balances