Ownership contracts are registered by the sales dept. and when opening new contract, the required unit 

is selected then register the stage (booking – contracting – completing) the unit is imported with all its 

data of area, price, details and when registering the name of the client, the accounts are shown in the 

accounting tree.

When there are any additions such as finishing or differences in prices you can add and distribute them 

with payments or installments.

Payments are distributed under the name of each payment and registering its amount and due dates so 

as to be treated.

Installment system can be registered either the system was fixed or varied in installment, as you can 

distribute more than installment system (monthly – quarter – semi-annual) in the same contract, when 

clicking advanced distribution, another screen is shown where you can register the period between each 

installment and their number and the date of start of each installment upon which distribution is made.


In case installment system is fixed in the process of distribution, installments can be distributed directly 

without clicking on advanced distribution where the amount of the installment is recorded and the date 

of the first installment and the period between every installment as shown in the following figure:

In the end of every contract, creating an accounting bond is confirmed as you can link one client with 

more two contracts of the accounts guide.

You can also directly distribute from the contract upon shareholders shares in case the project is shared 

between several shareholders.

The accounting directive  to this contracts shown in the following figure