Sales dept

Aims to monitor and follow investment clients whether ownership, lease and monitoring installments and due payments and solutions were set for the following:-

1- Providing solutions for shareholders in real estate investment and distributing profits according to the agreed percentages or the capital.

2- Providing solutions to treat installments collection with earlier benefit and delay penalties.

3- Providing solutions to collect installment amount and distributing it upon shareholders directly according to the percentage of each shareholder.

4- Providing solutions to collect group of installments collectively either cash or cheque or delivery note.

5- Providing solutions to treat due rents accounting and collect them.

6- Providing solutions to send SMS to installments over due clients and follow all installments and due payments.

7- Following the collected and uncollected installments # following overdue installments and payments.

8- Monitoring lease contracts for the leased units # monitoring due rents and the accounting treat of it – rents collection.