Elevators and Civil defense companies management

Contracting companies accounting and management program

Elevators and Civil defense companies management

What does maintenance and installation works management system provide?

 The system of maintenance and installation works aims to provide solutions to elevators companies and 

civil defense companies or contracting companies which one of its nature is to sign contracts and 

guaranty period f guaranty then tansfering it to maintenance and monitoring issuing spare parts and 

loading it to the client or the project according to the case of the project either inside or outside 

guaranty period.

What are the solutions for maintenance and installation works management?

1- Recording quotations presented to installation, maintenance and estimating clients, showing 


2- Creating clients contracts showing agreed works terms and methods of payment and any other 


3- Following contracts transferring from installation to guaranty stage then maintenance stage.

4- Monitoring the schedule to execute monthly maintenance contracts with clients and maintenance 


5- Monitoring used spare parts in projects inside and outside period of guaranty.

6- Monitoring and following issuing materials from stores according to its type and the daily executed 


7- Monitoring and following daily visits table of technicians of maintenance and daily executed works.

8- Monitoring clients contracts and due payments either installments or payments.

9- Sending reminders to maintenance technicians clients with data and time of visit according to visits 


Who are your clients in this field?

 We have more than 20 specialized companies of elevators companies inside and outside Egypt, you can 

contact then to recognize Babel and its after sale services.

You can visit the page of our clients