Projects management and technical office

Contracting companies accounting and management program

What does the technical office provide?

Nature of works provided by the office can be classified to administrative works, technical works, and 

contractors work and a general summary of what provided by the office is as the following:

Technical office management

Administrative works of the technical office

1- Preparing and receiving detailed drawings and designs.

2- Completing documents – licenses – permits and saving it.

3- Prepare the required conditions to contract with subcontractors.

Technical works of the technical office

1. Studying bids, tenders and pricing it.

2. Setting bid costs and profit margin.

3. Preparing schedule.

4. Doing the executive drawings and designs and certifying it.

5. Approving materials, suppliers and subcontractors.

6. Recognizing project requirements of materials, labour and equipment.

7. Confirm supplying appointments with the schedule programs.

8. Doing quantities limit. 

9. ollowing the executed quantities and its effect on the schedule programs.

10. Preparing the periodic extracts.

11. Prepare the special surveys of financial auditing of the project.

12. Prepare and follow the project costs and comparing it with the budget.

13.Comparing the executed quantities with the contract standard quantities

Technical office contractors work

1- Confirm subcontractors adhering with work regulations.

2- Confirm percentage of execution of subcontractors.

3- Preparing the subcontractors extracts.

4- Recognizing materials, withdrawn quantities from stores to subcontractors.

What are Babel technical office management solutions?

1- Prepare tenders and renewing the direct and indirect estimate and margin of profit and the value of 

the final estimate.

2- Recording the direct cost from materials and wages, equipments, works of contrctors of work items.

3- Recording indirect cost of taxes, insurances, and administrative works and margin of profit.

4- Setting margin of profit of the whole project or for each item with the ability of amending prices.

5- Updating items prices and wages according to latest quotations.

6- Prepare the schedule of quantities during the project period.

7- Revising supplying orders with suppliers and date of supply according to table of quantities.

8- Monitoring the actual quantities diffrences with the standard quantities of the project and reasons of 


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