Human Resource Management

What does HR system provide?

HR system provides complete work cycle for the worker or the employee in the company starting from 

registering his data then prepare attendance and leave then salaries then salaries exchange then 

monitoring the performance of the employee during work period reaching to service end and his dues in 

addition to providing the administrative forms

HR management

Your Company HR data Management

1. Prepare work regulations of the company according to each department of overtime, absence, delay, 

service end and resignation

2. Import employee data from Excel and achieving all the employee papers.

3. Registering residence, passport, work license, driving license and following expiry date of them.

4. Link employee accounts of loans, custody, salaries and due wages.

5. Calculating the social and medical insurances for every employee according to the Egyptian – Saudi – 

Kuwaiti Law.

6. Calculating the work earning tax of the employee according to the Egyptian law

Labor Cost management in your company

7. Recording daily and monthly attendance and leaving with the ability of importing from Excel or from 

figure print device.

8. Registering bonus and penalties of the employee and link their dues date when preparing salaries 


9. Recording loans of the employee and distributing them upon several months and linking them with 

salaries automatically.

10. Prepare monthly salaries and distributing them on projects according to work hours for each employee 

for each project. 

11. Treating the accounting bond of the due salaries and deduct the deductions and work earnings tax.

12. Paying salaries and the accounting treatment tp each employee or sections through custody – cash.

13. Printing salaries of department – project – company – employee – payment authority (the company or 

the bank)

What is the accounting direction for the company salaries

Managing the regular works in your company

14. Following employees' vacations around the year, providing the alternative or what called the annual 

vacations map.

15. Recording and following and evaluating the monthly or daily performance of the employee.

16. Providing the administrative forms of definition letter – vacation request – work contracts – bank 

salaries – work office.

17. Preparing work contracts and renewing it in case of expiry and amending salaries and allowances of 

each employee.

18. Monitoring issued visas on the level of the profession – country – project.

19. Calculating service end dues for each employee according to work office law. 

What is the annual vacation map?