Reports of subcontrcators

Babel system provides group of detailed reports to due amounts and quantities and comparing with contracts in details in the region or the project or the contractor or the company.

Babel system provides printing statement of account of the contractor on the level of the company or a certain cost level account

Subcontractors Statement Of Account

Babel system provides printing general review balance for contractors or any related account for the contractor of payments and work guaranties and sub review balance with the names of the contractors and their balances

Balance Review of subcontractors

Babel provides group of detailed reports for the due amount of the contractor and the executed quantities and comparing them with contracts in an analytic shape in the level of the region or the project or the contractor or the company, including:-

  1. Report of volume of contractors work in the level of the project or the company.
  2. Report of the due amounts of the contractors of current balances, payments and guaranties.
  3. Report of the executed quantities and comparing it with the contract.

Reports of subcontractors