Presented solutions

 Stores system provides group of solutions; that makes the administration of the company manage and monitor the issued quantities 

1- compete purchasing cycle starts in purchasing request to receiving materials and editing the invoice.

2-The ability of direct purchasing to the store or the project and not exceeding the standard quantities of the project during the purchase.

3- Sales cycle and issuing to the company stores either external entity or eternal project.            

4- Monitoring the issued quantities to a project or a subcontractor.

5- Warning messages in case of exceeding the issued quantities estimated to a project.

6- Preparing inventory, damage minutes and internal transfer orders between stores and projects.

7- Providing purchasing solutions of the project and the accounting directive of it.

8- Providing the direct purchasing solutions from an employee custody.

9- Providing solutions to control not to purchase quantities to the project that exceed the standard quantities.

10- Providing solutions to selling operations to clients and sale from several stores in the same invoice.

11- Providing solutions to issue materials from stores to projects or issuing from project to another.

12- Providing solutions to treat returning materials from a project to a store.

13- Providing solutions to know the consumed items quantities in the project.

14- Providing solutions of the returned operations either sale or purchasing

15- Providing documentary circle of purchasing of purchasing request to examinations.

16- Providing accounting solutions to check multi store and to treat it commercially of sale and purchasing.