Administrative works system

Archiving subject is one important one that every accountant and administrative employee shall pay attention to and has a command of it due to its importance to reach to the information easily and quickly through the module of the administrative works system

The administrative works Aims to:-

1- Provide group of administrative tools to the system that have effective role in completing the administrative works in your company such as:-

  • the presented tools in sending messages from the program which considered an effective tool to alert employees and clients, 
  • managing incoming and the issued and the electronic archiving
  • phone directory

2- The program provides an English version as an online translator was provided to add a good feature for reports that you can amend any report in the designing stage.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  We provide group of administrative tools to Babel system including:-

  1. Company Incoming and issued letter management and archiving it electronically
  2. It uses data of the contacts that you use in phone directory in the system
  3. Documents and company papers archiving and providing search tools
  4. Providing communication system with clients and employees of the company through SMS
  5. Messaging management as you can send general and warning messages to the employees – clients – other destinations.
  6. Incoming and issued management so you can archive all incoming and issued letters whether to the company or project.
  7. Feature of designing reports that enables you to amend any report in the program and translate it to the suitable language.
  8. Providing feature of sending any report inside the system via email or fax to any external party.
  9. Providing the feature of the comprehensive search that you can search for any information registered in the system
  10. Providing group of static and monitoring reports that provides important information to the company administration.
  11. Providing database backup system and sending it to your company email in a daily time every day.
  12. Providing phone directory through which you can register phone numbers of the destinations you deal with and to search through it – the electronic archive.
  13. Providing full electronic archiving and searching through it, providing a multilingual dictionary of the program item, Arabic, English, French and Turkish.

Electronic Archiving