Constructions contracting and production workers

The module seeks following work with private companies and persons such as key delivery, structures works or without materials and maintenance works also supervision and following.

Dealing with audience and production workers of contracts agreed to be executed and it is usually finish or decoration works or comprehensive works. Revenues in the value of the executed works or percentage of supervision of work cost.

Babel provides the following solutions:

  1. Providing quotations with the agreed items and payment methods.
  2.  Prepare contracts with clients according to quotations provided and contract conditions.
  3. Prepare invoice with the executed works for each period with payments.
  4. Providing solutions to treat supervision and follow systems.
  5.  Providing solutions of finishing works under executing percentages.
  6. Providing solutions to deal with clients with materials or without and the time when to claim payment.
  7.  Providing solutions to distribute salaries upon workers according to days of work and skills.
  8. Providing solutions to full time worker that you worked with him for a period with a production group and vice versa.
  9. Providing solutions to treat presented loans for production workers and how to deduct it from his dues.
  10. Providing solutions to know situation of supervision clients with costs.
  11. Providing solutions to production workers of registering contracts with agreed prices and prepare production payment certificate.
  12. Providing solutions of supervision system and follow to percentage of costs and situation of clients of costs.
  13. Managing production workers that works per meter or by other methods and to prepare payment certificate for the executed works and to pay their salaries according to their days of work and skill.