Preparation of extracts of subcontractors

The preparation of the contractor's extract shall pass through steps beginning with: 

The first step

determining the period of the extract, the project and the contractor and then recording the quantities Executed during the period Once the period is specified, the system automatically displays the previous cumulative amounts for each business item you can Link the extract to the contract of the contract so that the prices agreed upon from the contract of the contract are imported and the sequence of the extracts shall be According to each project and every contractor

Extract of subcontractors

The second step 

is to determine the deductions and deductions on the extract from the guarantee business, taxes or down payments

There are a set of reports to find out the volume of discounts and deductions on the contractor and the percentage of completion for each contractor

Extract of subcontractors discounts

The accounting directive for  payment certificates of subcontractors

Babel system provides several solutions for the extracts of the subcontractor, for example the possibility of directing the accounting of the extract according to the terms of business or according to the specific account of the contractor, such as paints .. Etc.

Payment certificate of a contractor and control directing the accounting bond

The accounting directive for the payment certificates according to work items

Babel System provides solutions for accumulative contractors' works according to percentage of execution of works such as paints works as it is considered accumulative works that we cannot detail it to sub items that painting one meter contains several mixed works reaching to the final product starting from establishing – past – first paint – last paint

Payment certificate of subcontractor and percentage of execution