Annual vacations map

In multinational companies with a large number of labor; there are annual vacation requests from the worker to the company administration upon which the department of Human Resources in the company provides the alternative and prepares all the dues to the worker and books travel tickets in time, upon the existence of several requests there must be a monitoring system to deal with the required vacations dates during the coming period.

Schedule of annual vacations of the employees

Eng. Hassan usually has many problems with his employees in the company, he had employees from several nationalities and he did not have a clear system to follow the annual vacations of employees and residences and work permits, one day he was surprised that employees residences' expired, he paid the delay fines, the same situation happened to travelling employees in vacations and due to bad planning, air tickets were not booked and alternatives were not provided in addition not to provide the employees dues.

You know that this reports provided a solution to Eng. Hassan!

The rest of the solution is here in the Periodic Reports