Document cycle

The Opening Balance 

The first step in the documentary cycle is registration of the opening balance system. The opening registration data is processed from the last audited balance sheet of the company and the registration often contains the assets, liabilities and property rights for the company. But there are other cases which are recording the opening balance during the period and this case you can record expenses and revenues.

The opening Balance Review

After the opening balance registration, a basic step should be taken, namely, review of the opening entry. For example, there is in the opening balance fixed assets. The details of the fixed asset system should be reviewed with the opening number as well as the letters of guarantees - real estate investment - securities and stocks of the first period must be matched with the invoice of the first.

The issued & incoming checks

Through check vouchers and checks, you can follow up the movement of checks issued and incoming. The system provides the possibility of receiving checks against the extract or bill of sale or receipt paper in addition to follow up electronic and bank transfers, network system and points of sale. The possibility of exchange Checks against payment or expense and the allocation of the payment or expense on the cost center the possibility of preparing checks for each bank to print.


 :Cash Cycle

Through the receipt and cash payment vouchers, we can control cash flow of the issued and incoming. In addition to the possibility of operating authorization of each user can't exceed the disbursement Than The Allocation Of The Use higher

Petty Cash Adjustment

The system provides two types of adjustment vouchers general adjustment vouchers, which is used for adjustment at the end of each month or the end of the financial period, and the certificate adjustment of the pledge. It is intended to receive of adjustment from the pledge

The system enables the adjustment of ordinary expenses or pledge in the form of materials, assuming that the pledge has provided documents containing general expenses such as benzene for the site vehicles. Renting equipment - cement - iron - sand - spare parts

The program provides a set of reports to monitor the adjustment of the Pledge to any party that has been disbursed

:The Cycle Of Stocks Notes

The system provides a complete cycle of receivable and payment notes, So that you can monitor the financial notes which the securities receivable or payable and their due dates and the accounting treatment of rejected notes and It is possible to know where these notes are kept and whether they are in the bank or the company and provide statistical reports on the financial notes for follow- up

Journal Voucher

Every voucher within the system whether it is an invoice, contracts, extracts or selling an asset. The program establishes the accounting record for the process and you can stop establishing the accounting record for any bond and establishing it in the way that suits you