the exchange Invoice of materials for subcontractors

During work, the company can provide the contractor with materials either from its stores or buying it directly to the contractor or transferring it from a site to another, all of these are options that may face you within work when issuing materials from stores to a contractor such as issuing plaster to the contractor from the main store.

issuing materials from stores to a contractor 

Accounting treatment it differs according to the policy of the company, there is a policy of issuing from the store which some consider it stores monitoring and the others consider it as sales and others consider it as revenues to be apart from external sales and the used.

The accounting directive for issuing materials from stores to a contractor

Purchasing materials directly from a supplier to a contractor Sometimes you can order a supplier to provide materials to the contractor directly such as purchasing 50 M 3 concrete from Alandalus factory to the contractor.

Purchasing direct materials to a subcontractor