Internal auditing

We provide a set of tools to enable the internal auditor to review the operations with ease and we will explain each in a simplified way. Audit operations: - through the screen you can review any process of received and payment voucher... etc. And then write report about the audit and close the bond of the edit or deletion.

 The closing of expenses:- is a property used to close expenses on account of such projects under implementation or real estate investment.

Estimated and actual costs 

Record estimated costs according to months and compare deviations between estimated and actual costs.

Distribution of costs on business items

You can distribute the costs on the business items of each project so that you can finally know the profits and losses of each business item.

Distribution of quantities on business items

Through this option you can distribute the quantities of items to be consumed on the site either through direct purchase or disbursement from the stores on their business items such as cement - iron - concrete ready ... Etc. 

Through the distribution can control the standard quantities according to the measurements and actual disbursements Thus, the control of business items from two different angles, the angle of expenses and the angle of quantities in contracting companies.

Partner and shareholder data

Registration of partners' data and determining their shares in the profits of the company as a whole or the profits of a specific project where in the real estate investment companies the subject of partners on a project of great importance and therefore allocated a space of explanation and preparation has met a partner on the equipment such as excavators or a partner on a concrete station and thus need to separate centers Cost per project and load it with expenses and revenue to achieve profits.

There are other data, such as the method of distribution of profits between the partners. 

  1. Are the agreed rates or according to the capital or will be in-kind shares in the project as in the system of the union of owners?
  2.  whether the proportion of the profit partner is the same proportion of expenses? 
  3. is there a percentage of retention versus project management?