Subcontractors contracts

Preparing subcontractors' contracts through recording contractor contract you can select work items with the agreed quantities and prices for each project, Babel provides the ability to copy contractor contract to any other contractor and you also can determine the contract situation from currently working or expired The contractor's business items can be imported into the contract when the business items are registered on a particular project rather than written manually in the contract                                 ( The establishment of business items in the display of business items on a particular project - import of these items in the contract 

Through methods of payments and percentage of payment you can inquire for contractor contracts or project contracts or all contracts in the company

In advance payments for a contractor: You can pay in advance payments to a contractor that will be deducted from each payment certificate with percentages agreed with the contractor, for example cash payment can be prepared by cash doc as shown and can be paid by cheque from document of paying cheques

When establishing contractor account: from the contractor card, it is preferred to establish independent account for each contractor with the presented payments, by which payments will be done through and deduct the amount during preparing the payment certificate by this we have an independent account to monitor the presented payments for each contractor as some companies provide letters of guaranty for the presented payments and letters of guaranties are returned upon settling it.

 The accounting directive for payment of cash advance to the contractor