Qualifying work regulations of Human Resources

Human Resources Dept.

Through work regulations you can select policy of each department inside the company independently as 

there are departments with special nature such as equipment department which has drivers who have 

independent system of accounting overtime and work hours.

1- Over time and absence regulations in the company.

There are two policies of overtime, absence and delays according to the basic salary only or the basic 

salary + allowances.

2- Regulation of service end in the company.

Policy of service end, though it you select number of awarded days to the employee every year as a 

vacation allowance and end of service according to laws of work office for example Saudi Work 

Office which gives 15 days for every year through the first five years – 30 days after the first five years.

3- Regulation of resignation in the company

Resignation policy is determined in the case of resignation and it is often during the first 3 or 5 or 

more than 10 years policy.

Regulation of employees in the company

The regulation and its importance in the due amount of the end of service

Through the above essay we will know how to account the dues of the end of service according to law 

of Saudi work office with the accounting direction and its accounting.