Transport business Management

Babel fixed assets management program

The nature of the transport operations are two cases only fare or fare + materials assuming that the equipment concrete pump, there is a possibility that the company rent the pump only or provide materials + fare

What are the transport process stages?

Stages of transport process start from loading destination then the carrier then delivery destination

1- Loading destination- two cases supplier or stores of the company.

2- Carrier – two cases company equipment or external carrier.

3- Delivery destination – two cases client or the company.

What are the solutions provided by transport management?

Babel system provides the administrative solutions of registering all administrative data of type of the car, No , name of the driver, driver's wage, shipping place and delivery place so as to provide group of administrative reports.

 Transport Invoice

Babel system provides the financial solutions to link the driver's wage and his commissions with employees' salaries

  1. The accounting directive for all options transport to client or company? 
  2. Materials to stores or company or from supplier?
  3.  Carrier is by company equipment or rented equipment from others?


The accounting directive of transport invoice