Report Library

The report allows the user to know the full details of the cash analysis at the main account level and the main cost positions

The report presents a detailed movement of cash by showing the main and sub-accounts for which disbursements were directed

The report shows the user an analytical movement to finance cash during the period at the level of the main and sub-account, for example in the report transfer of cash in banks

The report allows the user to know the full details of the employee's custody at the level of the main account and the main cost center

Custody Settlement Analysis Report, a report showing the settlement of employee custody on projects and analysis of all accounts associated with Covenant settlements

The report provides the user with the full details ID of the employee's custody at the level of the main account and sub-account

Expenditure Settlement Analysis Report, This report presents an analysis of the settlement of the expense from the expenses during a certain period and the extent of their distribution to the projects.

Non-Expense Custody Settlement Analysis Report, a report that shows a Custody Settlement Analysis for an employee at the accounts level only and does not show the expenses included in the Custody Settlement

Analytical report Financing of custody, a report showing the size of the cash agreement at the expense of the custodian of the various financing aspects, whether from the treasury, bank, custody of other movers or current owners

Issued Bonds report according to the type of bond, the report shows the type of bond issued from daily entries, purchase invoice, extract, etc., amount and entity

Detailed report of the financial position of the open projects, this report shows the accounts associated with the project, such as suppliers, contractors, treasury, banks, etc.

The report allows the user to analyze the projects under implementation at the center cost level and the main account

The financial position of the closed projects is the accounts related to the project for each of the suppliers customers ... etc. that belong to the projects closed or delivered to their respective entities

Profit and loss reports of business items, a report showing the income of each business item less the expenses of each business item so that we reach the profit or loss of each item

Dividend report for the shareholders according to the capital, a report showing the dividends distributed to the shareholders according to the capital of each shareholder as well as knowledge of the dividends distributed

Distribution of dividends to shareholders in the report The report shows the dividends to shareholders on a specific project during a certain period (revenues - expenses) and shows the dividends and the percentage of each share of profits according to the agreed rates before entering into the project

Reports profits and losses of the projects showing the expenses charged to the projects as well as the income accrued on the project and the net including either profit or loss for the project

This report provides an estimate of the actual and actual amounts of expenses incurred on projects and a comparison between them

This report allows to know the estimated quantities and actual quantities of items spent on projects and make a comparison between them