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There are many aspects of exchange, whether cheques or cash

Cheque for a down payment to rent the staff accommodation

Handling payment of Several cheques for employees' salaries Each employee has his own name

There are many ways of clearing cheques through accounts such as paying a cheque to the Customs Authority to pay customs duties on a shipment

There are many waves of cash or cheques, and there is a difference between the current account and the overdraft

Dealing with cheque payable after 3 months

Cheque vouchers are registered and the type of cheque is drawn in order to settle the payment on a specific extract

Receipt cheque as payment from a customer

Receiving a cheque for a business bill

Handling a payment of cheque versus operating order

Receipt payment of cheque versus bill of sale

A cheque receipt is recorded through the general accounts system

Accounting treatment for the settlement of surplus custody of one employee

You can control all of the client's receipts either on the internal funds or other accounts

The scrap sold from the site is recorded under the revenue item and has the accounting guidance for it.

Treated cash catch in exchange for selling gravel, asphalt and concrete from the production department

You can control and split property rights accounts in a simple way, allowing you to easily extract information and set up a special account to finance

You can record all financial movements of shareholders and investors in a correct accounting way

Cash Receipt Processing Cash withdrawal with cashier fund

Accounting treatment of cash catch to settle the advance